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Booking process

Here is how it works

  1. A member of the uOSSC staff will call / meet with you to finalize the requirements of your event.
  2. If your request is accepted, you will be emailed a tentative booking. You will be asked to fill out an Education Activity Submission Form that needs to be submitted before your event begins.
  3. Download the uOSSC Booking Request Form, complete it,  and email to uossc@toh.ca
  4. Determine what your event requires from uOSSC.
  5. Examine the uOSSC facilities and services from this uOSSC website.
  • If your event requires one of the following*:
    • cadaveric specimen
    • other specimen
    • use of anatomical material
    • use of C-arm machine

please fill out one of the following forms, according to your event:

  1. Application for the use of anatomical material for Research.2017
  2. Application for the use of anatomical material for Surgical courses or Education.2017       

*advance notice is required

  • If your event requires accreditation, request a booking 6 weeks in advance.