Our Team

Meet the team that makes the uOSSC an international leader in simulation-based education and research.

uOSSC Staff

Dr. Glenn Posner

Medical Director
  • Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Degrees and Certification: MD, MEd, FRCSC
  • Medical Director – Simulation Patient Safety Program, TOH/uOSSC

Email: gposner@toh.ca

Kevin Thomas

  • Degrees and Certification: RRT (Ret.), CHT, ACLS Instructor

Email: kthomas@toh.ca

Stephanie Jones

Acting Manager

Email: stjones@toh.ca

Adam Reid

uOSSC Coordinator

Email: areid@toh.ca

Kathy LaBelle

Simulation Technician

Harender Singh

Simulation Technician
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Kim Magny

Simulation Technician

Foster Rose

Simulation Technician
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Ihssane Lghazaoui

Simulation Technician

Amanda Poirier

Administrative Assistant

Shannon MacEwen

Administrative Assistant

Email: shmacewen@toh.ca

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Dianna Panke

Administrative Assistant

Email: dipanke@toh.ca

Executive Education Committee

Dr. Glenn Posner

Medical Director - uOSSC

Dr. Melissa Forgie

Senior Vice Dean and Vice President Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine and The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Lorne Wiesenfeld

Vice-Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education University of Ottawa
Dr. Su

Dr. Charles Su

Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education University of Ottawa

Dr. Paul Hendry

Vice-Dean, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) University of Ottawa

Kevin Thomas

Manager - uOSSC
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Antonina De Pau

Executive Director Clinical Operations, Professional Practice and Education

Education Committee

Director uOSSC:



Dr. Anna-Theresa Lobos

Medical Student Representative:

Mario Corrado

Resident Representative:

Dr. Emily Curley


Dr. Hussain Alsaffar


Dr. Andrew Wiens

Critical Care:

Dr. Pierre Cardinal


Dr. Simone Crooks

Resident Representative:

Dr. Hanna Dreksler


Dr. Grayson Roumeliotis


Dr. Adam Garber


Dr. Samantha Halman


Dr. Shauna Duigenan


Dr. James Watterson

Acting Coordinator uOSSC:

Adam Reid


Dr. Karen Visser

SPSP Lead Instructor:

Dr. Doran Drew

Patient & Family Engagement:

Lynn Ashdown

Emergency Medicine:

Dr. Michael O'Brien

Director of Education and Professional Practice:

Glenn Barton


Dr. Barbara Power


Dr. Michael O'Brien

Family Medicine:

Dr. Richard Waldolf

Education Project and Office Director:

Christine Seabrook

Acting Manager uOSSC:

Stephanie Jones

Nursing Representative:

Prudence Menard

FEAST Representative:

Dr. Wilson Lam

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