In-situ Simulation Patient Safety Program

Practice leads to exceptional care.

Fostering a Culture of Patient Safety

In 2014, the uOSSC began bringing simulation to the point of care with the Simulation Patient Safety Program (SPSP). The simulation centre is well established as a safe learning environment where healthcare providers can practice new skills and manage crises away from the patient’s bedside. However, the next leap in patient safety requires real healthcare team members to practice ‘in-situ’ in their own familiar clinical setting with their own equipment.

Using in-situ simulation sessions at the hospital, interprofessional teams of health practitioners can practice in their own clinical environment. This program fosters a culture of patient safety, empowers team members to communicate more effectively, and allows for the identification of latent threats to quality care. The program is active at all three campuses and in every department.

Do your staff know what to do if:

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We recommend that all members of the team attend this interprofessional training session for maximum benefit.

A Tailored Experience

We offer one-hour or half-day experiences for your hospital or clinic, involving one to three simulation scenarios tailored to your particular needs.


How it Works

We will bring the manikin, the video equipment, and the skilled facilitator. You provide the participants, the conference room, the clinical space and the coffee!

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